About Ali

About Ali


I love family traditions. I love them even more when I can look back at them from years past and remember what it smelled like when we baked Christmas cookies together. Looking through photographs from my past and generations ago makes me truly happy. I find it incredibly interesting and inspiring to see where I came from. To think that if my grandparents, or their parents (this could keep going…), made different choices in life, I would not be here. Running my fingers across a print of my grandmother laughing with her friends as teenagers is simply amazing. A camera is like magic in a box – freezing time so that the past is never forgotten. I love that I can take the present and create memories for so many families that will be seen by people that aren’t even born yet.

I am local to western Connecticut, where I grew up as a child. Everything about New England just screams home to me. From fall foliage to the short drive to the shore and of course all of the cute quintessential towns. I live in Connecticut with my husband, daughter, and son. I am very lucky to spend my days at home with our children while making my photography schedule around their needs. Family will always come first, and if you are my type of client, you definitely understand!

My photography style is very “fly on the wall”. I like to let families be themselves, new parents enjoy holding their baby, and capture brides and grooms emotions when they don’t even know I’m there. I photograph authentic moments, not trendy ones. I believe in the power of emotion and conveying that through the photographs that I take. If you were you describe my brand and photographs in three words they would be:

Authentic. Heartwarming. Timeless.

I am the photographer for the kind soul who cares about the happiness of all of those around them. For the detail-oriented bride that just wants everyone who have a great time at her wedding. For the mother who wants to make sure she never forgets what it was like to hold her tiny newborn daughter. I am the photographer for the classic, warm, joyful person that wants to pass their photographs down to future generations.

So you can get to know me that much more, let me show you some of my favorite things!