Things I LOVE!

(in no particular order…)


 1. Biking – I LOVE being out on the open road with the wind in my face. It is so calming to me. I also love to exercise, so the two go hand in hand. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to be out on her bike alongside me!

2. Cupcakes – Need I say more?! I love everything involving cupcakes. I am a baker, so I am always searching for the best cake and icing recipes. So don’t hold back if you have one for me! :)

3. Brody – Our dog! We adopted Brody in 2007 and he was a mess. He is allergic to EVERYTHING and it took us years to figure all that out, but he is now a healthy, happy, cute as a button dog! :)

Update: I can’t bring myself to take out #3, as we unfortunately lost Brody this past June. I will always love him, so no need to take him off the list! Miss you, Brody!

4. My little family – I married my high school sweetheart on July 30, 2011 and we now have our two  little monsters, Mallory & Max. I am just so lucky to have them in my life and I can’t help but hug them all day everyday.

5. Mallory & Max – Ok, they were included above, but I had to make a special category just for them! :)They are my absolute everything and I cannot imagine life without them.


6. Michael Jackson – How can you NOT get up and dance when you hear MJ?! My mom used to play MJ as I was growing up and I have loved it ever since. I really wish I could dance like him. If there was a Michael Jackson dance class, I would be in it. But alas, I will have to just fake like I can in the comfort of my own home. :)

7. Pumpkin Seeds – One reason that I love fall in New England – pumpkins!! As a child, we would go to a local orchard every year and pick out our pumpkins for carving. One night before Halloween, we would all sit at the kitchen table and scoop out the seeds from our pumpkins and carve them into jack-o-lanterns. My mom would roast up the seeds so we would have a delicious treat afterwards. They are by far my favorite snack in the world which is why I purchase MANY pumpkins every fall.

8. Hibachi – Every birthday growing up my parents would ask me where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner. Every year I would say the same thing- Kabuki! One of the local hibachi restaurants was my favorite place to go not only for the show but the RICE!! This fried rice was so delicious, I always ordered a double serving. Each time we went, the chef would give me (the scrawny little girl) a look like, “You’re going to eat all this rice?!” I never disappointed! I usually finished the rice before he was even done cooking the entrees!


9. My sister – Let me remind you that this is in no particular order, because my sister is the best person in this world. She is older by 3.5 years, but we have always gotten along like two peas. We are a lot alike, but very different in many ways, too. She is an amazing mother of TWIN boys (I get anxiety just thinking about twins!) and has a full time job as an attorney on top of that! I love my Jenny so much!!