Album Sale! Happy September! This is my favorite month out of the whole year. Why? It’s the month of birthdays in my house!! The most important being Mallory’s, my almost two year old daughter! My husband and I are also September babies, but let’s face it, Mallory outshines us now! Last year at this time […]

Sep 1, 2015


Charlotte is One! Stratford, Connecticut I photographed Charlotte as a newborn (which seems like YESTERDAY!) last August and she has grown up so much! She is walking, laughing, and speaking her own language 🙂  We decided to head down to the shore to go to one of her favorite places – the beach! She LOVES […]

Aug 30, 2015


Baby Luke Newborn Session Brookfield, Connecticut Baby Luke just joined his older brother to make a family of four. Their parents are so in love and older brother Ryan is warming up to the idea of another child in the house… ha! I photographed Luke at 12 days old and he was such a good […]

Aug 20, 2015


Baby Rockwell Newborn Lifestyle Simsbury, Connecticut Little Rockwell was such a pleasure to photograph!! Newborn sessions are always a little hit or miss with how the baby will feel that day. Inevitably, newborns usually like to change their sleep and feed patterns the night before I am scheduled to come! 🙂 Luckily, Rockwell was very […]

Aug 5, 2015


Badaracco Family Tarrywile Park Danbury, Connecticut I met the Badaracco family at one of my favorite spots, Tarrywile Park. We explored the park with their two adorable children, Lawrence and Annie. They were full of energy and eager to see what Tarrywile had to offer. They found flowers, cute dogs, airplanes as they flew over […]

Jul 29, 2015


Baby Kelsie Newborn Session New Milford, Connecticut Meet little baby Kelsie! I got to meet this tiny bundle when she was just 10 days old. She was nice and sleepy while I did a few shots of her alone and then decided to wake up to show off her eyes while her new parents and […]

Jul 26, 2015


Reagan is One! Ballard Park Ridgefield, Connecticut These years just fly by!! Each time I do a first year collection I can’t believe fast it goes. I photographed Reagan as a newborn last July and now she is one year old and smashing a cake! She is such a happy, smiley, little girl. We did […]

Jul 14, 2015


Derek Six Month Session Harrybrooke Park I know I say it every time, but whenever I do a year long collection with a baby I can’t believe how fast it goes! It seems like just last month I was doing Derek’s newborn photos and now he’s grown up so much! We went to Harrybrooke Park […]

Jun 26, 2015


Michael + Scott Maternity Session Simsbury, Connecticut I met up with Michael and Scott at a beautiful spot in Simsbury, The Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge. I had never been there before and I was truly impressed. Michael and Scott will be welcoming their newest little one in just a few weeks and couldn’t be […]

Jun 22, 2015


Emilio One Year Session Danbury, Connecticut My first session with Emilio was back in May of last year when he was still inside his mama’s belly! Since he arrived, I have captured him as a newborn and at 3, 6, and 9 months! I can’t believe he is already one – time flies so fast. […]

Jun 8, 2015


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