Life with CaseyAnne – Life Session – New Fairfield, CT

Life Session, Motherhood

Nov 28, 2018

Life with CaseyAnne

Mini Life Session

New Fairfield, Connecticut

I had the absolute pleasure of hanging with a mother, CaseyAnne, and her three boys one morning this August. Just a week before school would be starting up again, CaseyAnne manages these three lively boys with such grace and love, it is amazing to see. These types of sessions are quickly becoming a favorite of mine because I get to see a mother in her true form, loving her kids in the warmth of her own home. These sessions are meant to be documentary style – not pre-planned wardrobes and a makeup artist. You get to choose what you want documented. For CaseyAnne, it was her morning routine that she felt strongly about and so there I was at 7am (with coffee in hand, ha!)! In typical kid form, the kids had different views of what they would like for breakfast (what kids make easy and all eat the same thing?!) and had spatula sword fights as it was prepared. There was lego playing, peekaboo, nakedness, angry faces and happy faces, paint… a lot of paint, and full hearts all around. All in two hours! It’s always amazing how many activities, messes, and ups and downs can happen in such a short period time… aka the everyday story of every mother in the world.

I created these sessions because as a mother myself, I feel so strongly that these moments are 100% worth documenting. Motherhood is such a crazy journey and far too often it is an underappreciated role that is unmatched by any other job in this world. Get in front of that camera with your kids, mama – you deserve to be seen!

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