Baby Ava – In Home Newborn Session – Brookfield, CT

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Feb 27, 2019

Baby Ava

In home Newborn Session

Brookfield, Connecticut

Baby Ava was welcomed into the world by her parents and older sister, Arianna, this past January. She looks just like her older sister, and soon enough she’ll be following her around wanting to be just like her. I love seeing how older siblings react to having a new little one in the house, as it can definitely go either way! It really depends on the age of the child, but Arianna, two, was very gentle with her sister and was eager to hold her. She also loved playing with her big girl toys, but didn’t mind putting them down to join in with her family 🙂

As with all of my in home newborn sessions, I like to focus on the connection between the new baby with each one of his/her family members. It’s a time that you will always want to remember and will never tire looking back at. Those snuggles in those first weeks, when they just stare up at you, studying each part of your face and learning your voice, they are just irreplaceable.

Enjoy a peek at our session!

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