Fresh 48 Experience

The very first moments

This session is done, you guessed it, in the first 48 hours after birth. Whether it is in a hospital, birthing center, or your home, I will come and document those very first moments with those teeny tiny noses and toes. I only book a limited number of these sessions per month because of the unknown nature of when those little ones decide to come. We will stay in touch as you approach your due date and you or your partner will email/text me when you are going into labor so I can start to make plans for when to come. The session itself will be up to an hour with a documentary style approach, meaning there will be very little "posing". I am there to capture authentic moments. In the weeks leading up to the session, we will discuss what you want captured and what is most important to you. 
All edited digital files are included via an online private gallery, along with a print release. You can expect 50 images in your gallery, with a combination of color and black and white images. I feel that black and white images tend to show more emotion which is why I usually end up editing these sessions more so in black and white. 

the details

I offer timeless, authentic images. I do not go by the current trends with composition, props, or editing, etc. My dream is for these photos to be seen for generations and I want you to trust your family's legacy in my hands. 

I have given birth twice, one cesarean and one vbac. I have felt it all and know what those post-partum days are like. My number one priority is to make you comfortable and never impose or put pressure on you. You can count on me to be patient and kind and document these moments with zero stress on you.