Is it an investment?

I get it - it sounds weird. Why not just call it "pricing"? Well, I could, but I feel deeply that preserving your family's history is an investment. You are investing in your happiness as you look back on these photos. I mainly photograph newborns and families with young children. So I can't really ask them what it's like looking back at these photos after their kid has left for college. We're a ways away from that moment (thank goodness!!). But as a mother, I feel it in my bones that I will absolutely cherish the photos and videos I have taken of my children. What I really can't wait for is when they ask to see them as adults. Or when I show them to my grandchildren. It already puts a smile on my face. 

Children need to feel safe and loved, especially when they are in their own home. I feel that one way we, as parents, can do that is by displaying photos of the family around the house. It gives them a sense of belonging and self-confidence. It's a great way to display the connection you have as a family. That includes you, Mom! I know you are the one taking the photo 99% of the time, so please make sure you get yourself in those photos AND display them, too!

I would love nothing more than to create these images for you to display. It warms my heart when I go to a client's home and see my photos displayed from past sessions. It just makes me so happy. If what I have said resonates with you, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to chat with you about photographing your family. 

So what does
it cost?

I would be happy to send you full pricing details - just send me an email or hit the contact button below! To give you an idea, photo sessions begin at $450 and include all of the edited digital images. I am not in this business to make millions, but I do need to be compensated appropriately for my art and time away from my own family. I do limit the amount of sessions I take each month, so that I can still be the mom I need to be for my children. To be the first to know about session openings, make sure you sign up for my email list!