Family Session Experience

This session is to document the whole family as you are. While most of the session will be interacting with your kids, we will also do some posed portraits. I try to start with a 'pose' and then use prompts to make those moments more authentic. The real smiles come when you actually make them laugh or when your four year old tells a silly joke. 

The session is 30 minutes long and all edited digital files are included via an online private gallery, along with a print release. You can expect a minimum of 40 images with this session. The gallery will be a combination of color and black and white images. 

I also offer extended family sessions that are 60 minutes long. These are typically good for larger groups or for those that just want more time! You can expect a minimum of 75 images for this session with all of the same details as listed above.


Mini Session vs. full session

Which is right for your family?

I offer mini sessions (10 minutes) once or twice a year, so spots are fairly limited. If you think this is the right session for you and your family, make sure you are on my Insider List to get first dibs! Most of the time, it is the children's ages and/or the reason behind the photographs that will make this decision for you. Kids under one (particularly non-walkers) and those five and over, are usually fairly cooperative and would be more likely to do well with a mini session. It is the tricky ages of 1-4 when it may take them a little while to warm up and be comfortable with me. I can't think of a time that I didn't win over the kids by the end of a full session. But, this can take some time which is why I would recommend the full session for the toddler age group. With that being said, you know your kids the best! I speak generally when I give these recommendations. I just really do not want you to be stressed out if your two year old isn't cooperating and you feel like you're racing against the clock. 
The other thing to think about is why you are doing this session. My main goal for any session is for you to have photographs showing the connection between you and your children that you will cherish forever. I want to show the emotion and love that you all have for one another. I offer mini sessions to try and accommodate everyone that would like to have certain moments in their life documented forever. Mini sessions can often feel a little rushed, so it really depends on the type of experience you want. If you want to be a little more relaxed and sure you will get the moments you want captured, a private regular session is for you. If you only want a few great photos to document that particular moment in time, then a mini session may fit your needs. Don't hesitate to contact me to ask me any questions! 


the details

I offer timeless, authentic images. I do not go by the current trends with composition, props, or editing, etc. My dream is for these photos to be seen for generations and I want you to trust your family's legacy in my hands. 

Family sessions can feel stressful (I'm lookin' at you, mama), but what I see is something totally different. I mainly like to capture moments in between the next guided pose. Those are the real moments - the ones where you are fixing a problem for your three year old, or giving snuggles to a tired infant. I will always photograph posed and candid moments, but trust me - the ones you get the feels from, are those in between moments.