what time of day will i come?

This completely depends on what you are looking to capture during your session and what is happening in your home that day. I do use natural light for my photos, so it does need to be when the sun is up :) I can start the day with you and we can capture the morning routine or I can come later after naptime and document the afternoon playtime/dinner prep! It is totally your call and what is most important and sentimental to you. This session is meant to capture everyday life for you and your kids. You can do exactly what you would normally do, or you can add a special activity like baking cookies or a craft project. Whatever happens, happens. I am just there to document what your life is like. These toddler days are so long, yet so short at the same time. When you're in it, some days seem like they last for weeks. But after awhile, you realize your little baby is about to be heading off to kindergarten and you wonder how the heck that even happened. Once they start school, I feel like those days of never being able to sit down will be extremely missed. I would love to come to your home and document those days for you so that you can have those memories to look back on forever.

the details

I offer timeless, authentic images. I do not go by the current trends with composition, props, or editing, etc. My dream is for these photos to be seen for generations and I want you to trust your family's legacy in my hands. 

The season of raising your children from birth to five years goes by so fast and is so special. This is when your children need you the most and while some days feel like they last forever, this moment in time will be gone in the blink of an eye. I am living it right now, too, and I never want to forget it.